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Links page updated
Rather a lot of dead links - who knew web pages move or disappear after 9 years!?

Latest news...
On the Media page's audio section, I've just added a voice dialogue track for the 'Space Colony' scene where the family are docking into the Brava Centauri space station with magnetic shoes and Tommy has lost one. There's also the unused music track that was produced for this scene but not used. The track's basis is "Where has my little dog gone?". Have a listen!

New server
It's been over a year since I had to move the horizons1.com website to its own dedicated server to cope with the huge data transfers the videos caused. Over a 1 year period, the site transfered over 3,300 Gigabytes of data. Unfortunately this cost me $980 a year to facilitate, and the adverts brought in a total of $30, so the videos now stream from video site Vimeo via Martin Smith's account. The videos actually play faster and take less time to buffer, and so I've been able to add more of Martin's excellent videos from other Future World pavilions. Check out the updated media page for the definitive Horizons and Future World videos! Thanks go as always to Martin Smith.

New link added - you'll want to see this!
Set aside a few hours and check out the links page for some behind the scenes Horizons photos and videos from the 'Mesa Verde Times' photo blog and YouTube videos.

Feedback Updated
At long last I've been able to update the page of feedback I receive via email (click 'Contact' above and scroll down that page). It's always great to hear what people are thinking / feeling about Horizons when they visit this site. I'm glad it's making so many people happy!

All videos online
I've moved the website to a new server so that I can put more of the original videos online which used to bring the site down due to data transfer limits. Please download them one at a time to give everyone a chance to see them.

Refurbished Spaceship Earth
The lady from the space scene directing the astronaut on Horizons makes an appearance in the computer scene on Spaceship Earth! The 'choose your ending' (albeit wholly on a touch screen computer) tips its hat to Horizons too!

Horizons Ride Vehicle for sale
From an email - there is an original Horizons ride vehicle on eBay for $11k. No one placed a bid. It has now been relisted.

In the orange groves
From YouTube - a new video from inside the orange groves! Horizons fans from the 'Mesa Verde Times' blog used to secretly sneak out of the ride vehicle and document the ride scenes before it closed. Go to the media page to watch it!

Innoventions Exhibit
From an email - in the exhibit in innoventions for the 25th, they have the robot from the 1920s future scene on display.

Horizons Animatronic Costumes
From an email - "there is an auction on ebay for an original animatronic costume from the Horizons attraction." In fact there are 2 costumes. One is the costume from the 'mini' animatronic daughter seen through the holophone, and the other is the dressing gown from the gentleman in the 'Easy living' scene. They both sold for quite a sum!

We now have a news page
Although Horizons has gone, it seems to still influence certain ride refurbs at Epcot. And sometimes interesting items appear on eBay. We'll post items of interest on this page.

Do you like our new look site?
We have a new logo at the top, and more 'toned down' colours. We think it's very 'the future in 1983'!

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