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Horizons Audio & Video

The future seems to have caught up with this page!
Most video and even audio is now in superb quality on YouTube, so on this page I've only linked some of the main videos now.

Fully orchestrated audio from any theme park ride is fascinating because:

a) a full orchestra and many, many hours of creative work goes into composing, performing, recording and producing a piece of music that will only ever be heard from the one or two speakers in a small transient section of the attraction only by visitors who ride the attraction

b) the music is never released. When the ride closes, the music will never be heard again.

I hope this page helps keep the memory alive with one of the most emotionally stirring of our senses - sound!

Please note: The music and audio is copyright The Walt Disney Company. It is presented here for personal listening pleasure only. If this upsets any copyright holder, please let me know and I will remove them.

Update: Full audio tracks for each section have been put together on YouTube:
The audio and video is not for sale.

Audio Only Tributes:

1 hr 19 minute audio mix of narration and music in full:

Full 2 hour megamix of Horizons music without narration - phew!:


The attraction at 9 years old - filmed in 1992 on Hi8:

Historical documentary - Extinct Attractions directed by David Oneal

You may have heard the background music on several of the pages on this website IF you have Flash enabled on your browser (not easy these days!). They are:

Horizons - "Space", looped. Possibly the most known piece of music from the attraction.
History - a clip from the "Omnimax" screen section.
Photos - background 'atmosphere', looped.
Contact - the 'unload' spiel, post 1994.

Looped tracks on the Horizons and Photos page play in a seamless loop, just like they would on the ride itself, though these stop after 5 loops.

Other Epcot Ride Audio

The sounds of Horizons' neighbours in Futureworld.

Spaceship Earth high quality source audio mix with Jeremy Irons narration:

Spaceship Earth high quality mix without Jeremy Irons narration:

World of Motion 2 hours of all music tracks:


Horizons Ultimate Tribute Video
by Martin Smith

Watch now

The ride itself starts about 26 minutes in.
Many thanks to Martin Smith for this excellent tribute to Horizons.



Epcot Centre 1982 Preview Video - watch now

Horizons Futureport static shot 1994 - watch now


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